Future Moves began in 2012 as a school based pilot project with the objective to introduce a formal and sustainable Career Guidance process within high schools to engage students, teachers and parents. The project involved 8 high schools in the Midwest / Gascoyne region and included a diverse range of students that were identified by each school. Activities included career profiling, workshops, career exploration, access to industry and professional development for teachers.

The Future Moves Project was developed from the draft prepared by Joblink Midwest manager Leon Norris and the concept was motivated by the need to have a formalised process within high schools to ensure that all students have access to career development while they are at school. The content was established through consultation with Workforce Development Centre (WDC) career development staff and the model for 8 workshops was agreed to. This allowed the overall delivery of all crucial elements of for Career Development to be delivered to students, with the outcome being a professional career action plan for each student. Engaging teaching staff was perceived as another critical ingredient for a successful project.

After the completion of the project in 2012 the resources were then reviewed by the Department of Training and Workforce Development (DTWD) before finally being released back to Joblink Midwest in the second half of 2013. Through consultation with all major stakeholders from the original proposal the Career Development web based resource portal was developed.